Prototype and Short-run Manufacturing

Modellteknik's specialty is prototype and short-run manufacturing using a broad range of different techniques and materials. It is becoming increasingly important to produce prototypes in simulated or final material quality. We utilize fast methods for cut and machined prototypes in different materials, the vacuum casting of plastic components, injection-molded prototypes and cast metal prototypes.We also offer fast prototype production using methods like Rapid Prototyping /FFF (freeform fabrication)/SLA/SLS for both plastic and metals.

You can also benefit from our experience of the entire production chain when producing your prototype–everything from producibility, validation, materials, and component selection to possible refinements, both technically and financially.Here is an example of a prototype in short-run production.

Modellteknik's ultra-modern factory, the expertise of our employees, and our high-tech production methods create limitless prototype production possibilities, without skimping on precision, quality and delivery assurance.