A prestigious contract

Mema/GAB has been manufacturing silver cutlery for over 150 years. Today the company is owned by Gense in Eskilstuna, Sweden. In 2009, Modellteknik won a prestigious contract to assist in the production of the cutlery set, CPB 2091, by designer and Swedish prince Carl Philip Bernadotte.

Initially, we were not told who the guest designer was when our own designer, Peter Zazis, was contacted by Gense. Gense was aware of Modellteknik's cutting-edge expertise in design and construction as a result of previous work we had done for the company.

Our close relationship with Gense–one of the world's leading producers of silver cutlery–played a large part in our selection, over and above our expertise, and it was with great pride that we received the commission to collaborate with designer Carl Philip Bernadotte on this special project.

The prototype manufacturing was done in plastic, and then in steel. After a good deal of dedicated effort, our collaboration produced a series of knives, forks, and spoons with a tasteful, modern, and timeless design–series CPB 2091.