Control Measurement/Verification

During the manufacturing process, it is important to maintain a high level of quality. To make sure we do so, our factory includes a well-equipped measuring room. The room is climate-controlled and we are able to achieve very small tolerances, with precision of up to 1/3000 mm.

We measure all types of products and components and can offer manual measurement, surface measurement and machine measurement, as well as the measurement of samples, fixtures and tools. We measure against CAD models, point for point, or using scanning. We can also digitize components in order to create 3-D models. Our gauges for verified measurement are calibrated regularly in accordance with ISO standards.

All measurements performed are documented in measurement reports that contain data in textual and graphic form that clearly show any deviations from nominal values. We can also provide an Excel file with a compilation of data for multiple measured components.

We can also conduct external measurement assignments using our measuring machines.