Molding Tools

Modellteknik possesses cutting-edge expertise in the construction and manufacture of molding tools. For the plastics industry we manufacture injection molds, tools for low-pressure spraying PUR components, silicon tools for vacuum casting, and vacuum molding tools. For the metal industry we manufacture die casting molds and chill molds for casting aluminum.

Within each product group, we work with tool materials that are suited to the customers' needs in the form of prototypes or pre-series tools, or, alternatively, standard production tools.

Molding tools is a broad category and they can be manufactured in different materials. Aluminum is durable and provides even heat distribution. For short runs, we recommend URIOL/UREOL/RenShape material.

We also offer Rapid prototyping and vacuum molding tools in microporous aluminum composite–Metapor. Metapor comes in blocks or casting compound and is used to manufacture vacuum casting molds, vacuum gripper tools, and vacuum fixtures, and comes in qualities suitable for both prototypes and production molds. The material is porous and gives a more even vacuum across the mold, which offers advantages like greater design possibilities and detail.

Our customers' needs determine our manufacture of molding tools. Some customers want tools for manufacturing a short test series, while others want fully hardened tools for producing hundreds of thousands of components. For many, it is not the tool itself that is most important, but the delivery of finished components. In cases like these, we are happy to arrange the production of the desired test series. For us, it is important to be able to offer each customer the best possible solution, where design, manufacturing technique and the choice of material are adapted to suit each individual case. By doing so, the customer is getting the quality they pay for.

Do you have an idea for a molding tool? We have the machinery to be able to design and manufacture your tool to the highest possible standard.