Model Manufacturing and Design Milling

The majority of our model manufacturing and design milling (in materials like steel, aluminum, Ureol and cast iron) is performed by our CNC and robot-controlled machine tools designed for machining.Modellteknik has been manufacturing model-making equipment since the early 1960s. From having once been a genuine craft, design milling is now performed in high-speed machines with the help of ultra-modern CAM systems.

To be able to deliver top-quality castings, production machinery that meets the foundry's requirements for quality, productivity, and lifespan is required. When our customers need to verify their designs during the development process, Modellteknik–thanks to our close partnership with our foundries–is able to quickly organize the production of cast prototypes and pre-series in different materials.

Uriol/Ureol/RenShape is highly versatile. It can be used for everything from light design blocks for simple processing to solid tool blocks used with sheet metal pressing tools.

We use methods that are adapted to meet our customers' needs–a combination of advanced CAD/CAM technology and traditional model manufacturing processes.

That fact that we also machine, surface finish, and assemble components–with comprehensive measurement prior to delivery–is something our customers appreciate.

Do you have an idea for a design model? We have the machinery to be able to design and manufacture your model to the highest possible standard.