Machining using advanced, five-axis CNC machines

Machining is performed inside our modern, 5-axis CNC milling machines. Five-axis machining is suitable for both complex geometries–such as turbine blades–and for simpler castings processing. The materials most commonly used in the manufacture of short-run and pre-series are steel, aluminum, stainless steel, grey cast iron, nodular iron, brass and different types of plastics.

Modellteknik operates a high-tech factory for the production molds, models, tools, fixtures, prototypes and other components. We have the capacity to machine complex small components and large components with a high degree of precision.

Today, high-speed machining (HSM) is a common production method combining high feed rates with high spindle speed, special tools, and special tool movements. HSM technology means short machining times, together with high precision and high quality finishes. High-speed machining is suitable for different types of engraving and machining in hard materials, as well as significant material removal of materials that are easier to machine.