The Eskilstuna Modellsnickeri company was founded in Sweden in 1961 by Åke Andersson and friend Ingvar Karlsson. The work performed at that time was exclusively manual, with pattern makers working from drawings, samples, or a hand molded model, after which they manufactured a model from the ground up.

Wood was the most common material used. The company's work consisted primarily of supplying models to foundries, but it also manufactured display models and simple prototypes for customers directly.

As far back as the 1960s, model manufacturing was a high-precision task that required accuracy and a sense of design, but also knowledge of different casting processes and the ability to think in three dimensions. Pattern makers manufactured models largely by hand, although machines such as saws, planers, millers and sanding machines were also used.

With the coming of a new generation, the company was divided in 1995 and Modellteknik AB was formed.

Over the years, the company has continued to develop. We have updated our craftsmanship as we have moved into the twenty-first century. Today, family-owned Modellteknik AB is run by the family's second generation and is an ultra-modern company offering a comprehensive range of services within mold manufacturing, advanced one-off production, and short-run production using a wide range of manufacturing methods and materials.