Modellteknik has many years of experience within product development, design and manufacturing of fixtures and jigs. They may be fixtures for control and measurement data or machining fixtures for cutting. Our production know-how also includes expertise in assembly fixtures, welding fixtures, robotic welding fixtures, robotic fixtures, production fixtures, and gauges.

Each fixture has its own particular characteristics. Do you want a manual or automatic fixture? Integrated into a checking system, control system or robotic system? What level of precision and tolerances do you require? The answers to these questions are important in designing and manufacturing effective and profitable fixtures.

A control fixture or a measurement system may be fitted with different sensors, gauges, and dial indicators that can be connected to a PC in order to further process data. Our designers have even helped find innovative attachment solutions for assembly fixtures.

It is not unusual for our customers to entrust us with total responsibility for a special project - from idea, simulation in 3D-design, manufacturing, and assembly to on-site commissioning.

Do you have an idea for a fixture or jig? We have the machinery to be able to manufacture it to the highest possible standard.