Expert Construction

We have extensive experience successfully and innovatively working in situations where tight deadlines and tight budgets are the norm. When the Swedish Defense Material Administration (FMV) needed a subsystem for its JAS 39 Gripen fighter jet flight simulator, it contacted Modellteknik. The subsystem was a hand throttle and the requirement was that it should mimic the hand throttle used in the real fighter jet.

We were not given any finished drawings to work from, but had to develop the entire model from scratch.

The hand throttle is connected to a computer and it has 24 in-built functions. The throttle is incredibly sensitive to movements, which places great demands on the precision of its design.

Originally, the flight simulators were primarily intended for use by technicians servicing the JAS jets, but FMV was so satisfied with the results that it decided to also use our model for the pilots.

This was not our first assignment from FMV. As early as 1996, Modellteknik developed a replica cabin used for troubleshooting and training in the electronics system used in the JAS 39 Gripen fighter jet.