Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing for short runs using five-axis milling machines and high-speed machining with short lead times is one of the things we do best. Modellteknik is not a contract manufacturer in the traditional sense. Our contracts most often involve short-run or one-off manufacturing of advanced and complex components.

Machining takes place in our modern, high-tech machinery which houses both five-axis and high-speed millers. Automated manufacturing is carried out in a robot cell where a robot operates one of our five-axis machines. This means shorter lead times and makes possible automated, around-the-clock manufacturing of suitable runs of 1,000 pieces per year.

Our methods and machinery have long since been adapted to efficiently handle these batch sizes–everything from CAM processing and fixturing to manufacturing. Using our reference and palette system, we can quickly re-rig with each change of project.

For our customers this means short lead times and fast deliveries. We have extensive experience contract manufacturing prototypes, molds, fixtures, tools, cylinders, machines, and spare parts, and we also surface finish and pre-assemble components. We are used to working within supply chain management.