3D Design

Modellteknik's design division and project managers have years of experience in product development and the design of products and components using 3D-tools and CAD/CAM.

Our design division is crucial in achieving our goal of always satisfying our customers' needs. We have undertaken a number of exciting special projects.

When designing, both functional and aesthetic values are considered, as are engineering factors. A designer's work includes calculating the distribution of material thickness and tolerances, as well as dimensioning.

Our 3D-programs simplify the designer's job by automating time-consuming detail work and techniques, as well as by diagnosing and solving problems related to functions, relations, drawing aspects and the use of geometries. We are well equipped and happy to convert your drawings from 2D-images to 3D-models. We use Unigraphics, SolidWorks, and PowerShape software to do this.

Thanks to our CAD/CAM-controlled machinery we are able to manufacture high-precision components.